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Sometimes in business, you come across a massive brick wall. It seems you can’t go over it, you can’t go around it, you can’t go through it. It feels like you are banging your head against a brick wall.

For two mumpreneurs who are making waves in product design for the swimwear industry, this was coming up with the right name for their innovation.

Lerryn Ryall had invented a cheeky little product whilst on honeymoon to protect her neck from her bikini straps, weighed down by her fabulous GG boobs. She had an impressive array of swimwear, but none of it comfy enough. So she fashioned a neck protector out of some neoprene, wadding and other bits lying around the house.

Her sister Lucy Cox rightly thought this was a stroke of genius. She joined Lerryn in exploring the potential of bringing the product to market. Under the working name Bowys, they gained some business support, found a product designer and started building their brand. But there was one sticking point – they needed a name that worked.

Lerryn and Lucy turned to the Agile PR for guidance. I set up a brand “thought shower” with a bunch of creatives I trust, at least three of us being potential customers, the fourth having his own set of moobs. We unpicked the brand essence, experienced the product, threw in some fresh names and ultimately, created the space for Lerryn and Lucy to explore different places and ideas.

One of the names generated during this session was Halta – short, sweet, looks great on packaging and does what it says on the tin. When this name wasn’t available to trademark, it was a quick hop to Halto – which has now been adopted and adored. We didn’t directly solve the problem, but we paved the way forward.

Finding the right name has enabled the sisters to feel confident to get out there with their amazing innovation. Halto has since launched a successful Crowdfunder campaign, put Halto into production, developed the brand and some beautiful, characterful packaging. They are now capturing the hearts and minds of national retailers, including lingerie gurus Bravissimo.

Lerryn said: “Rachel and her team were instrumental in helping to focus our search for a name that worked for us. Their advice was invaluable and got us thinking along different routes than we had previously explored, which was exactly what we needed.”

A problem shared is a problem sorted. So often the solution is staring you in the face. I can help you uncover that solution.


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