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Agile PR pivots in 2020

Agile PR has pivoted from an independent practice to a virtual agency during the Covid-19 crisis. Led by Chartered PR Rachel Picken, the agency has won new contracts nationally and locally, sharing the workload with other communications and marketing professionals to meet demand. Agile PR has recorded more than 40% growth in turnover in the Read More

Operating at 80% Awesome

The following article is from Cornwall Today, February 2020 edition. This morning, I struggled to get through the barriers at the train station. It had been a fraught and busy morning – my 9-year-old was fretting about the location of her football kit. We’re at peak school admin with a bake sale, multiple non-uniform days and Read More

For the Love of Post-its

Nick Eyriey, editor at Business Cornwall, asked me to write an opinion piece for their Just A Thought page. I was only too happy to oblige by writing about my current object of obsession. I love Post-it notes. There, I’ve said it. I also love my children, my family, my friends; in fact my daughter Read More

The Case for Self Organising Teams

People who know me professionally know I adore Agile. I usually have post-it notes and Sharpies about my person at all times. Obviously, I named my business after it. Whilst those of us who adopt an “Agile-ish” approach to work and life are probably familiar to the general concepts of collaboration, flexibility, being able to respond Read More

Why the press release isn’t dead (and won’t be for some time)

The press release. The staple of the PR toolkit. I’ve heard the death knell of the press release more times than I’ve had hot pitches. So much so, Rich Leigh dedicates a chapter to it in his new book. And I’m here to tell you, it’s still alive and kicking. I remember press releases from the Read More

Theresa May: Strategic genius or comms headache?

Theresa. What have you done? Some of us were just trying to wake up from an Easter egg/bank holiday over-indulgence coma – when you spring a “surprise” announcement.   But in times of disarray and uncertainty, it makes complete sense to re-visit your goals, dust off the strategy and refocus your plan. Which is why, Read More

How to nail the three day working week (sort of)

I launched my business properly in August. I won’t lie, the first few months were nail-biting. Would people get my proposition? How would I pay the bills? Could I cope with home-working? As my best friend put it: “You’re a PR consultant who DOESN’T want to do media relations. So what DO you do?” A fellow Read More

How to evaluate PR like a boss

  In public relations,  there’s one thing I come across again and again, amongst my students and fellow PR professionals – they don’t understand how to demonstrate the value of their work. It’s bonkers. In Agencyland, clients are being charged all the £Ks, yet the actual results get blown out of proportion and lost in Read More

What’s in a name?

Sometimes in business, you come across a massive brick wall. It seems you can’t go over it, you can’t go around it, you can’t go through it. It feels like you are banging your head against a brick wall. For two mumpreneurs who are making waves in product design for the swimwear industry, this was Read More

#365 days of self care – no pressure

Anyone else spotted the trending hashtag #365daysofselfcare? It’s supported by mental health CIC The Blurt Foundation, which aims to get more and more people talking about depression and mental health. Self care is a fairly new concept for me. I’ve invested quite a lot in therapy this past year – in time, in cash, and emotionally. Read More

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