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Hiker chicks

To herald the start of the financial year, I’ve done something drastic – I’ve cancelled my gym membership. It wasn’t particularly a bank-breaker but I came to a startling conclusion earlier this year…. That after months of pounding away on the treadmill or cross-trainer, I don’t like the gym. Yes, I quite enjoyed escaping from Read More

Mother’s Day of two halves

I’m experiencing a Mother’s Day of two halves. I tap this column out whilst waiting at Newquay Airport for my (delayed) flight to Manchester. I’ve recently picked up a teaching opportunity with an online education provider, which sometimes involves face-to-face teaching. That teaching happens to be in Manchester, which I kinda like. It’s like London, Read More

Parenting girls

I had a future vision of Bryher, my youngest daughter, whilst stopped off at Exeter services, en route back from a meeting in Bristol. A girl with long, dark hair was queuing up. She was wearing leggings, Doc Martens, a pink tutu, a bright blue hoodie and a bobble hat with ear-flaps. And lashings of Read More

The simple life.

I’ve come across several people this month who are on Dry January – those who are, I salute you. Having been pregnant twice, I’ve had approximately 18 dry months so I reckon I’ve done 18 years’ worth of dry Januarys. But I do usually sit down between Christmas and New Year (known in the travel Read More

Chartered parenting

I’ve had a pretty busy time of it lately on a professional basis. Our agency gained silver at our industry awards, which means we are nearly the best small public relations consultancy in the South of England. This led to a night of celebration and surprises, including meeting Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in the bar Read More

In celebration of hygge

An article has been doing the rounds on my social channels recently, originally from Time magazine about “How to Parent like a Dane”. Essentially, it talks about a sort of no-nonsense parenting that I love – same lunch everyday, no need for babyproofing, government-funded childcare… it almost had me reaching for my passport and heading Read More

My Instagram Life

As an active and heavy user of all things social media – both professionally and personally – I would like to declare…. Social media comes with a health warning. I would like to apologise to anyone who has engaged or observed my posts and come to the conclusion: “That Rachel Picken, her life is sorted”. Read More

In pursuit of a hobby

Lately I’ve tried to reclaim something unknown to me in the past five years – a “hobby”. Men seem good at keeping up with hobbies after children arrive. Mr P continued to manage a (somewhat success-challenged) Sunday league football team during early days of parenthood. It didn’t happen without a fight, however. He reduced sporting Read More

Camping Costa Del Kernow

The Pickens have just returned from their first camping trip en famille. It started like this: Mr P: “You know, we should have just taken the whole summer off, and gone exploring in a camper van.” We were driving along the M5 at the time, having spent the weekend in Yorkshire, and what feels like Read More

A short rant about….

If there’s one phrase that’s been grating on me lately, it’s “I don’t know how you do it”. I’ve both used this phrase when addressing other frazzled mummies, and often had it directed at myself – generally in relation to juggling a business, clients, staff, two young and very energetic girls, husband, school and nursery Read More

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