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The National Consortium of Intelligent Medical Imaging – NCIMI

NCIMI – pronounced “enSeemee” – stands for the National Consortium of Intelligent Medical Imaging.

NCIMI’s mission is to harness the potential of medical imaging, such as CT and MRI scans, through artificial intelligence and machine learning – to improve patient care through fast diagnosis and treatment.

The NHS handles 40 million new imaging requests per year, which currently aren’t standardised or digitally reported. 

By bringing this information together, and by engaging with patients to gather anonymised data, we can speed up and improve how we diagnose and prevent diseases whilst lowering costs – improving treatment options for patients.

Based at University of Oxford’s Big Data Institute, NCIMI brings together more than 25 partners including NHS trusts, medical tech companies, charities and patient groups. Current projects cover a wide range of conditions, including cancer, endometriosis, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

NCIMI is one of five centres funded by the Innovate UK through the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund as Centres of Excellence in AI, medical imaging and digital pathology. 

The Challenge

NCIMI’s CEO Dr Claire Bloomfield was looking for a communications strategy that would bring together the consortium’s complex network of partners and stakeholders and support the development of a cohesive identity that all stakeholders were engaged in.

She was also looking to establish a web presence for the consortium, as well as digital tactics.

The Solution

Agile PR has been working with NCIMI since July 2019.

Rachel initially developed a communications strategy that centred around representing the eco-system of NCIMI through a digital information hub. Initially, this has been housed on University of Oxford’s Medical Sciences Division website.

Core tactics include:

  • Working with email marketing specialists Jarrang to establish bespoke email newsletter design
  • Establishing a podcast – NCIMI Voices – including interviews with partners across NHS and industry.
  • Developing a social media plan based on driving engagement from partners, to develop the brand and position NCIMI as a KOL.
  • Procuring a stand-alone website, to be developed during 2020.

In April 2020, Rachel brought in Lyssa-Fee Crump of Kraken Marketing to add capacity and bring additional digital marketing experience to the project.

They use two-week sprints to plan activity with the client, responding to new requests whilst delivering against set objectives.


Claire Bloomfield, CEO, NCIMI:

“It has been a huge boon for NCIMI to have Rachel as a ‘safe pair of hands’ that we could trust to help us develop our brand and establish the profile for our new entity. As we were developing a programme from scratch, there was a lot of uncertainty and evolving needs. 

“Rachel helped us focus, and generate impact rapidly- bringing our large and diverse stakeholders together and keeping them informed of activity. Rachel has also helped us expand our reach and promote the partnership; supporting our growth and attracting new collaborators.”

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