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PR and communications strategy

Strategy is one of those words that’s regularly thrown around a boardroom. Not everyone knows what it actually means. Strategy is about clarifying where an organisation, brand or project needs to go, and making that your end goal. It’s then about building the means in how to get there.

In developing Agile strategies, I work collaboratively with a brand or organisation. I will want to be part of your team, and access the people in the know. Your strategy won’t be a weighty document that lives in a drawer – it will be a visual representation of the where your communications needs to go and how to get there. That might be an infographic, it might be 3-page report, it might be an illustration, it might be a plan.

Content Creation

There’s so much more to public relations now. It’s no longer about “spray and pray” – winging out a press release and keeping your fingers crossed. I believe in PESO – Paid, Earned, Shared and Owned.

The strongest and most authentic communications activity starts with owned media, and then spreads across the rest of the PESO model. All my activity will be grounded in strategy, and involve hand-picking the best tactics to get your message to the right person.

Adopting agile

I’ve been working in an “Agile-ish” way since 2012. I believe in the Agile Manifesto, which is mostly about collaborating, thinking outside of the box, problem solving, working smarter and not harder. I’m on a mission to spread the awesomeness of Agile throughout the PR and communications community. Find out more here

Teaching and training

I don’t just do this stuff, I help other people work strategically too. I have been delivering PR training courses for almost 10 years.

Working with Manchester-based MOL as an associate tutor, I deliver CIPR qualifications including the Diploma and Advanced Certificate. Most recently I’ve been developing course materials for the brand new CIPR Professional Diploma – a revamped Masters-level course that’s grounded in real practice for PR professionals heading into management and leadership roles.

The best bit about teaching? Supporting PR professionals to develop, but learning so much from them myself. Other people’s jobs are fascinating.

Campaign evaluation

What is public relations worth, anyway? To me, it’s about how your PR activity has made a difference to your business or organisation objectives. My mission is to de-mystify communications evaluation.

Put simply, I look at Inputs, Outputs and Outcomes. What activity took place, how did it reach the audience, and crucially, what was the impact of that combined. I follow the AMEC framework.

Be warned – don’t ask me to calculate the financial worth of your PR coverage. My refusal might offend. Still confused? Talk to me – we’ll get it figured out.

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